Event NameSchedule/EntriesGoblin PointsRuudReward
Bonus EXP EventSaturday/Sunday--x2 Base Experience Multiplier
Last Man Standing EventEvery 3 Hours (Channel-1)-10.000Bless of Light (Greater) (Bound) x4
Miracle Coin x2
Kanturu Event (Nightmare)1 Time Per Day50-Elemental Talisman of Chaos [x2] 
Kanturu Event (Maya Hands)1 Time Per Day--Elemental Talisman of Luck [x1]
Bless of Light (Greater) [x5]
Miracle Coin [x1]
Crywolf Event (Balgass)1 Time Per Day100Mastery Box (Greater) x2Bless of Light (Greater) [x25]
Miracle Coin [x10]
Talisman of Chaos Assembly [x2]
Condor Feather [x1]
Broken Horn [x1]
Jewel of Excess [x1]
Errtel of Radiance [x1]
Crywolf Event (Dark Elves)1 Time Per Day--Jewel of Creation [x3]
Bless of Light (Greater) [x3]
Miracle Coin [x2]
Blood Castle Lv 1-46 Times Per Day--Jewels [x1~x4]
Divine Weapons
Steel of Heaven
Blood Castle Lv 5-76 Times Per Day-Mastery Box (Ruud) x1~x2Jewels [x3]
Bless of Light (Greater) [x3]
Talisman of Chaos Assembly [x1]
Devil Square Lv 1-7 Ranks 1-56 Times Per Day--Zen 10 Million ~ 50 Million 
Devil Square Lv 1-46Times Per Day--Experience Rate +10x
Devil Square Lv 5-7 (10x Special MiniMob Spawn)6 Times Per Day-Mastery Box (Ruud) x1~x2Experience Rate +10x
Elemental Rune
Talisman of Luck
Elemental Rune x2 (Special Mob Drop)
Lapidary Stone x2 (Special Mob Drop)
Bless of Light (Greater) x2 (Special Mob Drop)
Chaos Castle Lv 1-46 Times Per Day--Ancient Items x1~x3
Chaos Castle Lv 5-76 Times Per Day-Mastery Box (Ruud) x1~x2Jewel of Harmony x1~x3
Elemental Talisman of Chaos Assembly (20%)
Errtel of Radiance (3%)
Doppel Ganger4 Times Per Day-Mastery Box (Ruud) x1~x220 Ruud Per Mob
Jewels x1
Illusion Temple Lv 1-64 Times Per Day-Mastery Box (Ruud) x1~x2Seed Sphere Lv 1~5
Acheron GuardianMon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri--Elemental Talisman of Chaos x1
Mysterious Stone x1
Boss Battle4 Times Per Day-Mastery Box (Ruud) x1~x2Artifact Fragment  x1
Artifact Enchantment Stone x1
Jewel of Harmony x3~x7
Varka (Gaion)2 Times Per Day-Mastery Box (Ruud) x1~x2Artifact Fragment x1
Artifact Enchantment Stone x1~x5
Ice Wind Valley1 Time Per Day--1000 WCoins +
x1 Random item: Third Wing Box / 4th Wing Relic / 5th Wing Relic
Arca WarSaturday--Tower Buffs + (50% Exp) (7 Days Duration)
1 Trophy of War to 1 Miracle Coin Exchange
Castle Siege Senior MixSunday--PvP Rings & Pedants (3~6 Options)
PvP Socket Pedants (3~6 Options)(1~3 Socket Slots)
Jewel of Creation x50
Jewel of Bless x50
Jewel of Harmony x50
Miracle Coins x50
Spider Artifact Type 6-7 Box
Artifact Enchantment Stones x20
Wings of Angel & Devil (+0 +2 Exc Options)
Wings of Conqueror (+0 +2 Exc Options)
Garuda's Feather
DarkAngel Anvil
HolyAngel Anvil
Soul Anvil
BlueEye Anvil
SilverHeart Anvil
Manticore Anvil
Brilliant Anvil
Sealed Stone Shard
HolyAngel Spirit
Awakening Spirit
Cold Marriage
Ancestral Spirit
Manticore Soul
Brilliant Soul
Apocalypse Soul
Ice Dragon Seal
Ancestral Frame
Glory of Honor
Blood Crafting Frame
Errtel of Radiance Lv 7
+11 4th Wings Voucher
Castle Siege (Land of Trials Map Drop)---Elemental Rune
Bless of Light (Low/Medium)
Ancient Items
Jewel of Guardian
Posted 01.12.2023